It’s Spring Cleaning Time Ladies!

Thirtieth March, 2019, saw us ladies gathered expectantly on the verandah of My Father’s House. It was a shopping extravaganza that took place. We had our own shopping mall decked out with department store items ranging from newborn needs to soft-walks and comforters for the young at heart. Jewelry items, kitchenware and phone accessories were also available along with, of course, clothing items too numerous to mention much less take home. The exchange of goods was indeed a major success. Shoppers who wanted the same items needed to play games in order to determine who would get to take the goodies home. These games were hilarious. Musical chairs, speaking one’s name with a mouth stuffed with marsh-mellows and stacking coins along with filling hats with cotton were a few of the games that were played. The swapping of items, ODBC’s very own Easter Sale was a blowout event that makes Black Friday look like a yard sale! We thank the committee who worked diligently to make this event an unforgettable one.

Additionally, the fellowship session not only provided items that may be used on our persons and in our homes, but it also fed us spiritually. Ms. Brenda Hyde, a member of the planning committee, shared compelling thoughts as she reminded us of the importance of cleaning our hearts, minds and closets of hidden sins. It is Eastertime, and most Belizeans engage in a thorough cleaning of their homes around this time of year. Ms. B. emphasized that as we clean up our homes, it is important to not only clean those areas that our visitors can see, but we must clean the nooks and crannies, those hidden areas, inside the cupboards, closets and under and behind the furniture that no outsider gets a chance to peruse.

It is important that as believers we clean out our closets. We must rid ourselves of those hidden thoughts, grievances, grudges and unconfessed sins that often hinder us in our walk with our Lord (Psalm 32: 3-5). During this time especially, let us reflect on the actions we portray, the words we speak and the thoughts we harbor. We often adapt the “band aid fix” in the hopes of covering our pain, our faults or even our wrongs. This is the wrong approach to engage in. As believers, we are aware that Christ alone is our healer; He alone is the balm that brings deep-rooted healing and mental transformation (Rom. 12:2) as we fellowship with Him (1 Cor. 1-9). We are believers; and our hearts should be clean. We should walk worthy of our calling (Ephes. 4:1); our images must reflect Christ’s purity. Let us walk HOLY and enjoy a blessed and happy Easter with clean hearts, renewed minds, and mouths that speak wholesome and loving words that reflect our Lord’s love.

Luke 6:45
A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

WRITTEN BY: Khaleela Arzu